Frequently Asked Questions

Leba III

1- NAME of the product: LEBA III (pronounced: LEEBA 3)
It is a dental spray for dogs and cats.

2- Does it WORK?
YES, there is nothing like it on the market. We had 100% response in the trials.
The trial results can be seen on the website:

3- What are the INGREDIENTS?
The herbs are Mints (latin name Lamiaceae) and Roses (latin name Rosaceae) in trace elements (small amount), stabilized in Ethyl alcohol 25% & distilled water.
All the ingredients are human grade.

4- HOW does it WORK ?
The herbs are the active ingredients, they stimulate the enzymes & change the chemistry in the mouth. The tartar will soften and fall out.

5- What is the SIZE of the bottle?
One bottle is 1 ounce and has 240 sprays.

6- How LONG does one bottle LAST ?
It depends how often you need to use it. It will vary with the size of your pet.
- The quantity & frequency will be on the instruction sheet that comes with your Leba III.
- If your pet has heavy tartar: you will give two treatments per day for
approximately 6 weeks
- Then you will go on maintenance, usually one treatment per day.

7- Are there any SIDE EFFECTS?
There are no side effects. It has been used since 1994 by veterinarians in Canada with no side effects

8- Does it TASTE bad?
It has almost no taste.

9-What is your contact Information?

USA:Port City Warehouse, 35 Ash Drive, Kimball MI 48074
Canada: 1226 Murphy Rd. #22024 Sarnia, On. N7S 6J4
Tel: Office: 519-542-4236, Order desk:1-866-532-2522, Fax: 519-542-5196
US Warehouse: 1-800-842-8338